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ClorDiSys provides chlorine dioxide gas contract sterilization as well as manufactures chlorine dioxide gas sterilization chambers.  ClorDiSys' chlorine dioxide gas is an EPA registered sterilant that is non-carcinogenic, non-explosive and can perform sterilization at ambient temperature. Chlorine dioxide gas has a yellow-green color which allows for close monitoring throughout the entire cycle.  Cycle times are short, ranging from 4-6 hours on average.  Since the gas is non-explosive at use concentrations, it allows for greater feasibility in bringing sterilization in-house. This option reduces sterilization costs, shipping costs, and overall time in the supply chain.  Sterilization can be completed with product in sterile barrier systems, unit cartons or shipper boxes.  Chlorine dioxide gas is the closest alternative to ethylene oxide sterilization yet offers many benefits over it such as no heat added in the process, being non-carcinogenic, and non-explosive which provides the ability to bring sterilization in-house. 

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