About SABIC Specialties

SABIC is a preferred global supplier to the industry, offering 100+ medical-grade materials for surgical and drug delivery, patient testing and general healthcare applications. They are backed by
SABIC's Healthcare Product Policy, which verifies that these materials meet global safety standards,
are covered by an FDA Drug or Device Master File, and are subject to formula lock and a stringent
change management process. 

SABIC Specialties' materials can help optimize the performance, aesthetics, durability. and manufacturability of devices. They can contribute to sustainability and compliance with existing and upcoming regulations. A range of expert services including application development, predictive engineering, testing, processing guidance, color matching are offerred.

  • Best-in-class chemical resistance
    ULTEM HU resin series & LNP ELCRES CRX copolymer resins 
  • Multiple sterilization compatibility 
    ULTEM HU resins & LNP copolymers provide stable performance under many mainstream methods & repeated cycles 
  • PTFE alternatives for wear & friction
    Internally lubricated LNP LUBRILOY compounds feature a patented olefinic additive


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United States of America

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