Montgomery, Jordan

Montgomery, Jordan

Distinguished Packaging Engineer & Technical Fellow at Medtronic

Jordan Montgomery is a Distinguished Packaging Engineer and Technical Fellow at Medtronic, plc. Jordan has 2 decades of experience in package design for active implantable devices, sterile barrier materials development, stability testing, and packaging distribution use conditions.

Jordan has served two terms as Co-Chair of the US Packaging Working Group, AAMI ST 198 Working Group 7, and represents the United States as a delegate to the ISO Packaging Working Group. Jordan has been an active participant in the ISO 11607 revision published in 2019 and the recently published 2023 amendments. He was co-leader of the revision to ISO TS 16775 published in 2021 (guidance for industry and healthcare facilities on the application of ISO 11607) and he is now the Project Leader for the development of ISO 11607-3. Jordan has also been active in ASTM Committee F02, where he led the recent revision to ASTM F1980.

Jordan holds a bachelor’s Degree in Packaging from Michigan State University.

It’s About Time. Or is it?  Testing Medical Device Packaging Stability Studies and ‘The Way It’s Always Been Done’
Tuesday, February 6 10:15 AM - 11:00 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana