Connors, Cory

Connors, Cory

Director of Sustainable Packaging at Orora Packaging Solutions

I’ve been in this industry for 2 and ½ decades! And have been focused on sustainable packaging and helping companies be more sustainable with their packaging. Working in a Weyerhaeuser corrugated production facility to pay my way through college helped me understand how corrugated is made and how it can be more efficient and sustainable. I’m married to an amazing supportive wife and we are so happy to have two wonderful kids. As the host of Sustainable Packaging Podcast I’ve learned so much about new sustainable products that are coming out to the market soon and I’ve seen how urgent this issue of change is for our environment. Join us in this movement towards sustainable packaging.

Cory Connors

Director of Sustainable Packaging

Orora Packaging Solutions

Portland, Oregon USA

Recent Speaking Engagements:

Paris Packaging Week 2023

Specright Summit 2023

Waste Expo 2021 and 2022 and 2023

WestPack 2023


Ensure 2023

AICC 2023

Scaling Reuse: How Packaging Design Must Change
Wednesday, February 7 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM Pacific Time (US & Canada); Tijuana